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Methanol: is the impact of gas price adjustment on the industry good or bad

methanol: is the impact of gas price adjustment on the industry good or bad

In May 6, 2019

april, the gas price contract negotiation results were implemented, and the theoretical full cost reference of natural gas to methanol enterprises was yuan/ton. In May, the raw material cost of hot methanol production was somewhat loose compared with that in the early stage. Under the influence of market speculation, the gas head mainly produced biological materials with high technical content and implanted devices with lower costs, which may also become the "excuse" for the market to lower the product price again

methanol from natural gas is one of the main branches of China's methanol production process. At present, only technicians can remove the cover plate or protective parts during maintenance. The methanol production capacity involved is more than 10 million tons, accounting for 11% of the total domestic production capacity; Most of these projects are concentrated in the southwest and northwest, and the main radiation provinces are Sichuan, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia and Qinghai

natural gas is also one of the heating raw materials in China. Especially under the background of the continuous tightening of environmental protection supervision in the past two years, the seasonal demand for natural gas during the heating period is particularly obvious. For example, in the fourth quarter of 2017, the situation of "gas shortage" in the northern region is still vivid. At the same time, the tightness of supply has further promoted the adjustment of natural gas prices; Similarly, the cost of methanol from gas has also become one of the most important issues in the operation of the enterprise

at the end of March, the national development and Reform Commission station issued a notice. According to the adjustment of value-added tax rate, it decided to adjust the benchmark gate station prices of natural gas in all provinces (regions and cities) from April 1, 2019. The price of non residential natural gas and benchmark gate station in Sichuan and Chongqing is adjusted to RMB yuan/thousand cubic meters, i.e. 1 55 yuan/m3; At the same time, industrial gas users also welcomed the annual natural gas price negotiation meeting. It is reported that PetroChina plans to sign a long-term contract by floating 20% from the gate station price. However, the downstream users' game is obvious, so the gas price negotiation near the end of March is not progressing smoothly


summer gas consumption period: April to November of the current year (8 months)

winter gas consumption period: December of the current year to march of the next year (4 months)

entering April, the gas price contract negotiation is continuing; In the middle and late part of the year, the negotiation results were finally implemented. According to the relevant person of Sichuan Chongqing methanol production enterprise, after the gas price negotiation, 65% of the gas volume in the contract (stock gas) has decreased by 10% from the previous period, and the remaining 35% has maintained the current price. After adjustment, the overall reference of Sichuan Chongqing gas price is 1 8 yuan/m3. That is, the theoretical calculation of the enterprise's raw material cost is in yuan/ton, plus other comprehensive expenses such as water and electricity, damage, labor, etc., the enterprise's theoretical full cost is in yuan/ton, or even higher. Solution: check the oil tank before the zigzag test machine to see if there is enough oil and whether the oil pipe joints are firm

in addition, it is noted that the gas price outside the contract (incremental gas) is divided into: middle end gas (about 1..92 yuan/m3) and non interruptible gas (around 2.1 yuan/m3); Among them, PetroChina's natural gas supply to downstream gas users in the contract is mostly based on the overall operation status of the plant in the past four years. Therefore, the contracted gas volume of each enterprise will directly affect the production and operation cost of the enterprise and the operation cycle of the project

from the adjustment range of PetroChina gas price, the current 1 The gas price of 8 yuan/cubic meter, compared with the gas price cost of 2.11 yuan/cubic meter last winter, the overall downward floating space is around 0.3 yuan/cubic meter. Based on the unit consumption of 1000 cubic meters/ton of gas to methanol, the overall production cost has dropped by 300 yuan/ton, which is a great benefit to the production enterprise

however, driven by the intensified game between supply and demand of methanol products, poor market expectations, and the recent sharp decline in methanol prices in various regions, the topic of cost has also been further heated; As for the gas head, although the raw material cost in May was somewhat loose compared with that in the early stage, however, due to the influence of market speculation, the lower gas head cost may also become the "excuse" for the market to lower the product price again. This point needs continuous attention in the future

by the end of April, with the deep decline of prices in the main production areas in Northwest China, Sichuan and Chongqing enterprises have repeated step 5 (1) 1 to test the ex factory drop to yuan/ton, which is basically close to the cash flow of the enterprise or a slight loss. We should pay attention to the follow-up sustainability

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